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​Piano Action Repair​

Piano Action Regulation

Piano Tuning 
Mark Perry has been a Piano Tuner, Technician and Rebuilder for Over 20 years. He has several College contracts for Piano Servicing including Hampden Syndey College as well as Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. Mark specializes in voicing. If your piano needs tuning give us a call today!

QRS Pianomation Player Piano Installation:

Perry's  Pianos installs Pianomation on Uprights, Grand Pianos and Square Grand Pianos. We are the only manufacturer in the WORLD that does not cut the key frame on a Grand Piano upon install.  The Square Grand Piano relies on the structure of the key frame to balance string tension and the plate. It has been proven that cutting the key frame will cause the piano to self-destruct in a couple of years. We install Pianomation Systems with whole house networking and can be used on any wireless device to play the piano. Can be used with:Smartphone, Ipod, Ipad or any wireless device.

Piano Restoration
Have a piano in need of restoration? Mark Perry and Perrys Pianos restores all Grand and Upright Pianos. We are known for our high end restoration of antique pianos as well as more modern pianos. We specialize in the period correct restoration of Square Grand Pianos. We offer high end French Polish for finish, which is a warmer, clearer and more pleasant finish to look at, as opposed to modern day laquer. French Polish is applied meticulously by hand unlike modern day spray finished. We are also able to manufacture new parts which are unavailable for purchase. We are one of very few people in the US who are capable of correctly restoring these beautiful antique instruments. So if y0u have a family heirloom piano in need of restoration give us a call today!

Pictured below, a Pease Upright that was repaired and refinished. The end result looked fantastic!

Piano Appraisals

Looking to buy a new Piano? Let us have a look to make sure you're getting a fair deal! We will go and Appraise pianos that you are looking to buy, insure or sell. Call or email for more info.